Best VPS Hosting Providers of 2022

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VPS hosting is used to perform in some ways that have effectiveness on hosting a website. Here, we have provided a review on 8 top best VPS hosting providers of 2020, let’s have a look at them:

Before that let me tell you something informative about VPS which as knows as Virtual Private Server. It is set up for shared hosting when a website is started, people shared web hosting services. Although, you shared the hosting server which makes your sites visible to online visitors of other websites but only a few websites use these servers. 

VPS providers have more resources for those systems, who are already subscribers that will ensure your website to be faster and more responsive. In spite of this, if the user experiences some traffic spikes while sales event or after a new major breaking story on your site, VPS resources will help you to expand your new demands to meet your site requirements.

The thing is that you can have dozens of VPS provider in the market but choosing the right VPC providers can be a little tough. Thus, we already have done some research work on figuring out the Best VPS Hosting providers which will support your demands.In this case, we look closely at different VPS hosting Comparison while considering some question in our mind.

Best VPS hosting 2020

Read on for our detailed analysis of each VPS hosting

It includes their services which make them unique from other competitors, what are their hosting plans? What is the level of their performance? Do they have the ability to support or help?

Our 8 best VPS hosting Providers are as follow:

NameCheap Vps Hosting


Best for business

  • Provides Simple and Clear Plans
  • Offers price range starting from lower
  • Some extra features will cost you more price

Shopping a VPS host can lead you to a wide comparison table of different products and finding the best that has plans for you. Fortunately, NameCheap has made it easier by offering only 2 plans with proper clear instruction, exactly what the user wants. 

Their pricing starts with only $11.74 each month for a year plan with 2GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, and 1 dedicated IP. However, paying for add-ons will improve some baselines specs. For more dedicate needed IPs, the user does not want a new plan to upgrade their self. This VPS provider will add some additional IPs in $2 for each of your product. 

Although, the service is not low-cost or competitive as it appears to be. The initial plans are not for managing or they even do not consist of cPanel license. Therefore, adding these capabilities need to cost some extra chargers which is worthy.

Furthermore, Namecheap has no exceptional configured VPS products for the user. Even if the user is new to the VPS provider, checking their option which can help you to understand all the fact and figures that are needed before choosing a VPS provider. 

Best Vps Hosting Blue host


Our #1 favorite best web hosting service

  • Provides free domain name for every 1st year
  • Free SSL certificate is included
  • WordPress is accessible in just 1 click
  • 24/7 live chat support is available

Bluehost VPS provider is both powerful as well as flexible. Further, it allows multi-server management that helps the user to add some extra space in their account at any time and also connect VPs through dedicating and sharing servers. SSD disks are helpful is providing reliable and fast experience, and KM hypervisor is accessible with a 100 % guarantee on all resources. 

However, they do not allow any extra Ram or CPU, but cPanel gives the user to have access to additional storage when it is required.

The price of this VPS provider starts from $18.99 each month, this is for first-time subscribers only. Hence, all the services offer 30 days money-back guarantee, plus 24/7 customer support.  

Best Vpn Hosting InMotion

InMotion Hosting

Another fabulous website hosting option

  • It contains well-specified plans
  • Offers various smart features
  • Not at all cheap

InMotion hosting originally different from other, the baselines VPS-1000HA-S plan price is $27.99 each month in 2 years, which is not an eye-catching price. Still, it can easily visible that why this VPS Provider is asking this much cost.

Thus, it is because, their product contains better specification with 75 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth and 3 dedicated IPs. Further, they provide high-end plans as compare to other competitors, backups and cPanel license which may include free with 90 days money-back guarantee.

It also has an unusual feature which is “unlocked CPU cores”. Comparatively, it has accessibility on 1-2 cores, the user can spread their load of processing on all cores servers. Some major performance may increase for some tasks that are involved in much simultaneous processing.

Best Vps Hosting 2020


Best dedicated hosting

  • It offers a huge range of plans
  • Entry-level plans are underpowered
  • Configuration options are quite impressive

Some VPS hosts are for big business, others are for first-time users but Hostwinds provides their service to almost everyone through their best VPS hosting plans. Each plan has some different appealing configuration options that suit everyone somehow.  

Starting from low-end tier plan which has 1 GB RAM, 30 GB of disk space, 1CPU core and 1 TB traffic is a little low in power. Although it cost is very cheap with $9.89 for each month on initial terms, $10.99 for renewal or the user can extend without investing any huge amount.

However, adding some hosting server monitoring or cloud backup can cost some additional cost up to $6 extra per month for each. 

On the other hand, Tier Four includes 100 GB drive space, 6 GB RAM, 2 TB traffic and 2 CPU cores. Although, it is a little expensive at $31.49 for each month on initial terms, later on, $34.9 on every month still it is opposing other providers. 

Meanwhile, top range, Tier Ten product offers 96 GB RAM, 750 GB storage, 16 CPU cores, and 9 TB traffic on $339.29 for each month on initial terms, $376.99 for renewal.

Best Vps for Hosting 2020

Liquid Web

Best reseller hosting

  • Provides good quality support as well as services
  • It has top-notch configuration options
  • Little bit on the expensive side

Liquid web is among the premium web hosting provider that offers high quality managed solutions for the last 20 years. Therefore, currently, they own 500,000 sites for they emphasize on delivering comprehensive products with quality output results.

The lower Liquid Web plan is for $59 on each month with 2GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and 10TB of bandwidth. Further, they have a lot of configuration option such as CentOS 7, CentOS 6, Debian 8, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. It may includes some other option like cPanel, Plesk, CloudLinux and much more.

Liquid Web is supported by the base operating system, support team restores all the failed services very proactively as they are detected. However, Liquid Web does not have appealing prices, but still very cheap when you compare it with other VPS and their features. They provide you excellent supporting features that help your site to run in a smooth line.

Best VPS for Hosting 2020


Best for EU shared hosting

  • The user has various choice of hosting location
  • It provider limited support as well as speed
  • Temptingly is cheap

OVH is affordable web hosting Provider that offers straight VPS products in the low price range. This range starts with VPS SSD 1 Plan which has 2 GB Ram on 1 CPU core with 20 GB of SSD storage at $4, which means only $2.99 per month. 

The VPS SSD 2 Plan has double RAM, storage for $6.60 that is $4.99 per month. Besides the VPS SSD 3 Plan also has double RAM with giving additional CPU core at $14.6 which is $10.99 per month. 

The reason behind its cost-effective is, it does not support 24/7 live chat, has limited speed with 100 Mbps connection. Although, it has some plus points like VPS hosted in US, UK, Singapore, Australia and any other locations in Europe. It is best for the old user.

Best VPS For Hosting


Best value for money

  • Provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, MySQL Databases. 
  • Discount sale price offers are available
  • Free security suites are accessible.  
  • Graphic are user-friendly based on the control panel

iPage VPS provides advanced personalization with root access. Therefore, hosting environments are entirely supporting the proprietary application as well as software and are customizable.

Further, migration options are combined seamlessly looking forward to instant provisioning. In this way, the user can track the scale of their sites, whether it going forward or backward considering the business boost and decline. This is flexible according to the demand of the user with their VPS.

Although their plans have ranged from 1 GB RAM up to 8 GB RAM, pricing may also rise from $19.99 each month till $79.99 each month. Good news is every plan has its free domain name along with pre-installed scripts and 24/7 customer support is also available.

Best Vps For Hosting


Best for SMBs

  • WordPress is accessible in just 1 click
  • More than 125 application are accessible
  • 24/7 live chat support is available
  • Availability of additional resources
  • 1 GB database storage on MySQL Linux

GoDaddy has almost dipped itself into all web-related things. This VPS provider is on the largest domain name registrar has the best website builder with a high standard of quality in hosting packages. If the user is willing to purchase a VPS just in 1 stop shop, GoDaddy is the best VPS hosting provider for them. 

They offer weak VPS hosting but has excellent services. Therefore, you should have clarity in ideas of choosing Best VPS hosting providers of 2020. 


Thus, if you are looking for more than a host but whether wants to deal with the complexity of beasts or afford any dedicated server, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting can be the best option for you.

Although, owning a VPS plan leads you to have your virtual server environment.

Where, you can control on whole operating system, installed apps, their extensions and all their settings too. Further, each hosting server will allow you to use multiple VPS customers, not more than shared hosting. Hence, every VPS will appropriate a key to share resource such as storage, RAM, CPU cores for them. 

In conclusion, we will give you some pinpoints on our 8 best VPS hosting Providers which are: 

Blue Host: It works excellently for new domain name.

NameCheap: This VPS provider will relax you with taking all the headache of a process.

Inmotion Hosting: It is all-rounder, performs overall every well and is Best VPS hosting, provider.  

Hostwinds: They allow unique Cloud control panel, maintain and monitor your servers

Liquid Web: it is an outfit that works with the quality it admitting cost.

OVH: it is best for experts that are looking for saving not for novices.

iPage: They providers best wide range of advanced features.

Godaddy: This VPS provider offers the best extra features. 

It is as easier to manage as a person might think. Further, many VPS plans have some standard tools like cPanel which helps in configuring your site as well as monitoring. 

Even some VPS hosts manage to monitories these issues such as crashed service and try to solve those issues as quickly as they are detected.  




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36 months
12 months
36 months


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Balance of options and ease of use

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