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Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ahead …… that will offer many incredible deals only for you. Here, in this article, you will know about active deals present at this moment. Keep checking on daily new exciting updates!

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday are 2 enormous days that most waited every year at the end of November; it is due to US Thanksgiving Day. Commonly, this time is best for finding your favorite items while taking huge advantage of sales present it all sort of products available on the internet.

Sometimes these offers are for 2 days, extend into a week or even maybe for more days, it depends on the brand’s providers. Thus, you can also get many best VPN deals that are not available throughout the year. However, these deals are far better than any other regular VPN sales offers or VPN Coupons offers that are provided by these companies on normal days.

In this case, everyone likes to purchase their favorite items in good sales offer and so do I. Hence, waiting for November, spending a lot of time to find VPN sales offer is not a bad idea. Here down below, we recommend you some of the best VPN sales offer provider, let have a look!

Cyber Monday, Black Friday Deals

Read  detailed analysis of each VPN


The best all-round VPN service for speed, privacy and unblocking

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 160 | IP addresses: 30,000 | Maximum devices supported: 5

Table Header
Support Almost Any Platform
12 months
US$6.67 /mo
Fast Speed Servers
6 months
US$9.99 /mo
Torrent and P2P Are Accessible
1 month
US$12.95 /mo
No DNS or IP Crack Found
Expensive than Rivals

Save up to 49% on annual plans with 3 months free accessibility!

  • Unblock restricted websites and other geo-restricted services like Netflix
  • Provides 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Offers advanced security selection
  • Currently rated as the world’s best and Fastest VPN service provider

ExpressVPN is among the best VPN providers that we tested as it achieves the first top position in the entire world. However, intuitively developed packages for clients and some high standard security features make it stand out from others. Thus, it is reliable for both beginners as well as advanced user, through its incredibly useful features.

According to our speed test on ExpressVPN, the results of their performance were extremely fast. They provide services in 94 countries through their servers which allows BitTorrent as well as peer-to-peer file sharing on them.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer promotional deals, where ExpressVPN’s best VPN sales offer is available on a 15-month subscription at 49% flat off. Usually, these sales are from November 9th to November 27th that starts at 10 a.m GMT.


An ultra-secure provider

Number of servers: 5,300+ | Server locations: 62+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 6

Table Header
Torrent Are Accessible
36 months
US$2.99 /mo
Work With Netflix
12 months
US$6.99 /mo
No Logs Policy
1 month
US$11.95 /mo
Superb 24/7 Live Support
Basic Browser Extension

Get the best VPN sale offer at an amazing discount price with NordVPN!

  • Subscription for 3 years plan will save up to $2.99 each month
  • Unblock restricted websites and other geo-restricted services such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.
  • Accessible in China
  • Provides strong Military Grade encryption
  • Provides 30 days money-back guarantee
  • NordVPN is ranking higher day by day due to 1000+ users reviews

It secures 2nd top position of our favorite VPN provider that is actively offering new deals and features. It is Panama based VPN which have no-logging policies and provide the best privacy. Thus, they are among the fastest VPN provider work with high standard servers in 59 locations.

NordVPN found no P2P issues, allows simultaneous 6 industry-leading connections. Further, it allows features for rich clients that are easiest and cleanest to use. On second thought, have nice 

30 days money-back guarantees option.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer promotional deals, where NordVPN’s best VPN sales offer is available from October 30th till the end of November 30th.

Usually, these VPN sales offer massive 75% off on 3 years plans of subscription. In this way, the user has to pay $2.99 each month, this offer is the best to match for any discount offered to date.


Feature-packed clients and impressive configurability

Number of servers: 3,700+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 7

Table Header
7 License Subscription
36 months
US$2.75 /mo
Strong Privacy Policy
12 months
US$5.99 /mo
Reliable & Effective Kill Switch
1 month
US$12.99 /mo
Unblock Netflix & iPlayer
Manual Steps for OpenVpn

Get excellent deals on CyberGhost’s VPN sale offers, don’t miss them out!

  • Unblock restricted websites and other geo-restricted
  • Provides 45 days money-back guarantee
  • The 18-month plan offers only $2.75 on each month, after signing up
  • Perfectly user-friendly even for beginners
  • Offers the best performance along with high speed

CyberGhost is a perfect match for privacy-minded, but it does not mean it is lean its other features. Also, they are constantly working on their improving elements, current they released some new products which are better than comparing previous versions. Also, it is based on Romania which provides a no-logging policy for extra privacy.

In the year 2018, they extend their network by 150% on a massive level with 3800+ servers in 58 locations in the world. Further, they allow P2P traffic, show good performance throughout and offers the longest money-back guarantee valid for 45 days.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer promotional deals, where CyberGhost’s best VPN sales offer is available from November 12th till the end of this month. Thus, they offer 77% flat off on 18-months subscription plan that means pay for 12 months and enjoy for 6 free months.


Awesome for torrenting and other P2P traffic

Number of servers: 1,200+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: 40,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 10

Table Header
10 Simultaneous Connections
12 months
US$4.87 /mo
Allow Bit Torrent
6 months
US$6.75 /mo
Unblock Netflix
1 month
Superb 24/7 Live Customer Support
No Bit Coin Support

Get the best VPN sale offers for 2 years deal from IPVainsh!

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  • Provides no-logging policy
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • Bandwidth is allowed
  • Work on OpenVPN protocols, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols

IPVanish is listed in top best VPN provider available in the market, even we tend to agree and recommends you to try this service. Although, they are US based with strict on log policy that provides the best privacy, as they have nothing to collect and give authorities. They offer unlimited P2P traffic on speedy servers which are available in more than 60 locations.

Further, they allow simultaneous 5 industry-leading connections at the same time, in fact, they push new features of masking and IP cycling too.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer promotional deals, where CyberGhost’s best VPN sales offer is available from November 21st till 30th at around 11:59 p.m UTC. Thus, they offer VPN sales offer for 2 years plan along with roughly 72% flat off which is less than any regular 1-year plan.


One of the fastest swimmers in the VPN sea

Number of servers: 1000+ | Server locations: 50+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Table Header
Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
24 Months
US$1.99 /mo
Well Designed App
12 Months
US$5.99 /mo
Unblock Netflix
1 month
Excellent Speed Test Score
Trial For Mob App and Mac Only

SurfShark offers amazing and exciting VPN sales offer on black Friday make a deal!

  • Pay only $1.99 each month on 2 years plan
  • More than 500 servers in 50+ locations
  • Unlimited connection available
  • Provides 30 days money-back guarantee

It is a new VPN provider which we noticed this year, but as you can see our reviews articles they have impressive features. They attract their user through these advanced features with super intuitive clients.

SurfShark is ideal for those, who want simplicity in their lives along with fast global server coverage, best regarding privacy, supports torrenting and much more.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer promotional deals, where SurfShark’s best VPN sales offer is available from November 12th till November 30th. It offers a huge discount with 83% flat off. The user can get these services on merely $1.99 each month on the 24-months subscription plan. Thus, it is among the best VPN sale offer we have noticed from past years.




12 months
36 months
12 months
36 months


Privacy and unblocking

Balance of options and ease of use

Torrenting and P2P traffic

Browsing Privately














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