CyberGhost VPN Review [2022]

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CyberGhost Vpn Review


Enjoy Torrent Friendly & Full Featured Vpn 

Countries: 61 | Server: 3,700 | Encryption: 256-bit military-grade | Price: $2.75 | TrustPilot Score: 9.4 | Multi-Logins: 7

CyberGhost vpn review claims that they provide a total solution related to VPN services. To make sure their claims are true or not, we put it into some test for verifying their VPN services. All Australian servers provide slow speed and have more censorship as compare to US server.

According to our researcher, we did many tests on a different server and incredibly we were impressed with its performance. Especially, the dedicated torrent, detailed list of servers and it also provides security on tough anti-piracy laws like Australia has, to ensure torrent safely.

The value of CyberGhost vpn is as similar to a solid choice. It works with 4,600 different servers in more than 60 locations in the whole world while using 256-bit encryption that is best in class. 

Further, it offers torrent profiles, dedicated streaming, built-in ad, tracking blockers, and malware. Ironclad with no logs policy with total protection is also included. 

Let look more briefly into CyberGhost vpn, for finding its features and policies.

CyberGhost Vpn Encryption:

Cyberghost vpn has anonymous performance over the internet along with military-grade encryption while streaming on Kodi. It works on hiding all the traffic and ensures security. 

  • Jurisdiction: CyberGhost is situated in Romania. It is regarded top best Kodi VPNs because it is not involved in 14 eyes intelligence-sharing countries. 
  • No logs policy:This feature of this VPN software stores logging data but just to track on session duration and other DNS queries. Neither uses logs nor connection log.
  • Encryption: 256-bit industry Encryption Standard ensures strong security.
  • Support Kodi devices: Compatible for all Kodi devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Fire TV/Stick, etc.
  • Test Speed: It was tested on France server from long distance but the speed was average. These examples will elaborate further. 
  • Long-distance internet with Cyberghost was 5 Mbps 
  • Speed on long-distance internet without Cyberghost was 26 Mbps
  • Kodi supported VPN for Kodi apps/ OpenVPN plug-in: Does not support Kodi add-on but it works under OpenVPN manager add-ons which are specially designed for Kodi app. 
  • Number of Servers: 3,787+ servers in more than 61 Countries of this world. 
  • IP leaks: Has qualified IP leak test which is performed by Kodi app. The method is simple: Goto >Kodi> click on setting icon>system information.

Rumors about CyberGhost Vpn are true?

Most VPN user says that they heard rumors about CyberGhost, they have cross- prices itself. The price range mention on their website has some hidden discounts which are only offered to bargaining clients. 

In this case, we found that this rumor is true, they have many deals on the website page which makes it easily affordable for many of us. 

Does CyberGhost Vpn stream with Netflix?

Well! Yes, good news for all Netflix users, CyberGhost stream with Netflix, in fact, we do not find any speed reduction issues while streaming from US servers. This attracts the user to itself, as it can access half-world data to the user. It controls different optimized servers for streaming services. 

The “streaming” button makes the users select the service options, afterward connects them to their corresponding servers. We type the service in the search bar and simply select our server from the drop-down list.

Although, all the process of connecting and using is simple and easy to use, even for the beginners. However, it is incorporating auto-select features for further smart selection. 

Can CyberGhost Vpn Stream?

Off course, it streams for many platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and BBCiPlayer. Netflix is accessible through optimized servers, performed streaming on different US servers. On the other hand, HBO GO does not work with Optimized servers but still, we were able to stream on it. Similarly, Hulu was accessible too and BBC iPlayer bypassed all iPlayer geo-blocks.

Does CyberGhost Vpn work with good Speed?

High-speed connectivity can be crucial at some moments for a VPN app, in fact, many of them lose or slow their connection speed. The bases speed before connecting to this VPN app was 10.93 Mbps on download and 0.77 Mbps on uploading along with ping of 22 ms.

According to our tests, servers that are based in Australia was found increasing speed with 11.48 Mbps on downloading from US servers. The ping was also increased by 49 ms but it was still low. Similarly, we connected CyberGhost with US servers that are Netflix optimized servers and was highly impressed by the results. 

It took no time in loading with 212 jumped ping and the downloading speed dropped to 3.81 Mbps. Keep in mind, that the data was traveling from US server that is why the results are amazing.

There can be many factors that can easily affect your connecting speed, for example, original connection speed on VPN, infrastructure quality, location or traffic in the network.

Therefore, to look at the best speed this VPN offers an option of Data compression feature which compresses useless elements, images to reduce the usage that increases the load time. However, we found CyberGhost as the Fastest VPN provider.

Does CyberGhost Vpn stream with Torrent?

CyberGhost provides a dedicated profile especially for torrent on different servers in many countries which are optimized only for torrent. They also allows you to know how many users are currently connected, each time when you connects with it.

Thus, it gives you an option of choosing your server with few users to ensure a better quality of speed. Further, it also offers port forwarding for safe uploading.

Is CyberGhost Vpn safe?

They work with leading industry features such as 256-bit encryption, no logs policy as well as an automatic kill switch. Further, they provide accused of malware software bundles that are hidden.

However, they truly prove the privacy solution seriously. The company works with full honesty, trustworthy, reinforcing reputation and annual transparent report is also offered. 

Does CyberGhost Vpn keep logs?

It is based in Romania that is not among 14 Eyes Alliance. Thus, they offer strong no logs policy that is proven they do not store any browsing information. They offer unprecedented transparency.

Does CyberGhost Vpn have Ad blocked?

Yes, it can turn into a “connection feature” in the app, prevents the user from bombarded ads while streaming or browsing. This VPN block all malware, which are harmful files or viruses that are on many websites.

Mostly they are found in the websites which are against a database of dangerous sites. Further, it allows the app to filter as well as block malicious websites before they can be harmful to your device.

Does CyberGhost Vpn give free trial version?

They provide a trial version for 24 hours, you can test all their service before getting a full subscription. This trail version has all the features included the same as the paid version has, where you can try streaming, torrent, unblocking capabilities of this VPN app.

Does CyberGhost Vpn have a refund policy?

CyberGhost has generous money-back guarantee option that is valid for the first 45 days of subscription. In any case, after subscription, you do not continue their services or they are not suitable for you. You can refund all your money by placing your request for chatting through live chat service during the first 45 days.

Does CyberGhost Vpn with all devices?

This VPN is compatible for many platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Android TV and Amazon fire TC stick along with extensions of Firefox and Chrome. Further, it gives guides for Linux, routers, Raspberry Pi, VU+ Solo 2, Synology NAS and Chrome OS. Moreover, you can have access to using 7 simultaneously devices on just single subscribed account.

User experiences and features of CyberGhost:

  • CyberGhost VPN software is compatible with Tor browser, the websites support sections that shows configuration with Tor and keep tracking the speed. 
  • The Automated HTTP Redirect Is a feature that forces the connection to a secure version while you visit any website. This helps you and your device from any accidentally stumbling that can occur from those unsafe websites and phishing scams. 
  • Online tracking blocker help block those websites, who keep tracking on your online behaviors for providing you the content and ads related to your hobbies. This VPN block all type of tracking codes and allow you to browse without being monitored.
  • Live chat customer service provides solutions through chatting. The users can send their request by sending a message, their representative agents will shortly communicate you to resolve your problem. 
  • They also provide detailed installation, user guides for macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Amazon Fire, game console, Kodi media centers, and many other devices too. Troubleshooting guides and detailed FAQ pages are also available.
  • Intuitive interface cleans and makes it easy for beginners.
  • Customize protection option gives you smart rule windows that are specific of a set of connection rules. For instance, you can set your own auto-connect rules on startups or use specify options. “Ignore”, “Ask me what to do” and “Always connect to” are the specific option for Wi-Fi networks.  
  • Once the user is ready to connect, they will have 2 options: choose the server manually or let this app connect automatically with the best server option available. Automatic option will allow the closest server from your physical location so, if you want to bypass geo-blocks, you need to select a server from the manual option. 


  • Give high speeds
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Work on 4,600+ servers in the world
  • Live chat support service
  • Accessible on Mac, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS
  • Zero logging policy as it is based in Romania
  • IP leak and DNS protection are available
  • Encryption with 256-bit AES
  • 7 simultaneous devices can be connected at the same time
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec protocols are supported  

Subscriptions Plans:

  • 3 Years Plan: $2.75 per month with 79%discount rates (pay only $99 on every 3 years)
  • 2 Years Plan: $3.69 per month with 71%discount rate (pay only $88.56 on every 2 years)
  • 1 Year Plan: $5.99 per month with 54%discount rates (pay only $71.88 on every year)
  • One Month Plan: $12.99 no discount rate

CyberGhost Review 2020 Conclusion: 

We tested CyberGhost, thoroughly, find many quality features with amazing performance and happily recommend their services. Their app is among the top best VPNs in these days especially for the new user in reasonable price range along with few additional discounts. The longer plan offers more discounts as compared to shorter plans. World-class security features prove it reliable, transparent and strong zero log policies. 

It supports Netflix, dedicated to streaming, compatible with Tor, torrent profiles and boosts user-friendly usage. It was successfully clear in every test with fast speed. We also found local server connection increases even more speed which is more impressive. If the user is looking for VPN that torrent, stream or browse with security, CyberGhost is one of the best options.

Many reasons are available that make this VPN rank high up to 3rd position in the overall rating. Their High-end VPN packs along with their features which are extremely easy to configure and install for the beginners. Further, they provide dedicated servers for sharing files and torrent, automatic kill switch plus no-log policies. 

Ultra streaming allows Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu on the massive number of the server that is more than 4600 in 60+ different countries. Moreover, they connect 7 devices on just a single subscription account as well as pre-configured profiles with a user-friendly interface.

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