Express VPN Review 2022

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Express VPN Review


The best all-round VPN service for speed, privacy and unblocking

Number of servers: 3,000+ | Server locations: 160 | IP addresses: 30,000 | Maximum devices supported: 5

Whenever you look at best VPNs reviews in all over the world, you will always found Express VPN review 2021 top list. All this is due to the clever combination which delivers unique marketing techniques as well as raving reviews for online readers.

However, we will test Express VPN provider for ensuring the quality of it and find that their claim of being the best VPNs in 2021 is right or not.

  • ExpressVPN unblock the websites?
  • Can easily stream American Netflix?
  • If they offer such features with amazing speed or have proper security-related policies so, we welcome to review on ExpressVPN? 

Primarily, let us tell you some basic set of information about Express VPN review. The below article will give a good impression of the expectation of Express Vpn.

Features and Pricing:

ExpressVPN consists of 3 pricing tiers such as $12.95 for each month, $59.95 for every 6 months, and $99.95 for a whole year. Like many other services, the huge difference is on the committed period that stays for how long time. 

Express Vpn has accessibility for all types of payment with all credit cards, PayPal or other debit services like Alipay and Webmoney. The subscribers can also purchase the subscriptions of this VPN service with bitcoin. However, it does not give a free trial version but offers 30-day money-back- guarantees.

The monthly price which is at the top of the services these days is $10.30, it is quite below from the average price range of ExpressVPN prices. Paying above $60 of VPN services can be too costly unless the company is providing some extra tons of features.

Express Vpn Configurations 

Trusted Server is the key change in the latest version of ExpressVPN which process changing the server configurations. These servers run on their RAM’s instead of hard drives. Thus, running the data through RAM decreases the possibility of logging it, frequently overwriting, and the data is lost after rebooting.

When you will look at this version, at first look you will not notice any difference from the previous one. It is as simple as the last version, a single panel interface along with button to on/off and country selection option. This version is clearer as compared to 2017.

Hamburger menu which lies on the up-right corner of the screen gives you the option to select VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP. Kill switch and split tunneling feature are also mention for specifying the VPN apps. While the country option is accessible after clicking on the circular icon that is in the dashboard.

Tab Functionalities

However, the country list works on two tabs, “recommended locations” or “all locations”. Summarizing it, you have a selection in between 94 countries under this option “All Locations”. On the other hand “Recommended locations” option will give you a list of best countries connection from your location. 

As a default setting, it uses built-in speed testing to ping times and estimate speed for a single country in the “hamburger” menu option instead of showing ping server load or times.

As it is mention before, ExpressVPN is $99.95 for the whole year that connects 5 devices simultaneous connection. These connections have availability on iOS, macOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows too. Further, Media stream services are also accessible on Fire TV, PlayStation, Apple TV, and Xbox. In this way, it allows overseas to view US streaming media content.

VPN Protocols:

VPN has many different ways of creating a VPN connection that is the main reason for its mature technology. We prefer OpenVPN protocols because it is known as the reliable and speedy protocols. Further, it has an open-source project that picks the code susceptibility and accountability. 

ExpressVPN, supports OpenVPN UDP/TCP on many devices such as iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. It also supports configuring routers that are used on OpenVPN. VPN also supports an older version of L2TP protocols on many devices. (macOS, Windows) but less secure on windows for PPTP. We do not recommend you to use each to two, except you have categorically reasons for obscure legacy.

We also noticed that ExpressVPN supports iOS apps with their OpenVPN protocols. This is because Apple is manufacturers that produce app developers. Which are used on OpenVPN and also jump with some additional hoops while other developers declined to do this. 

IKEv1/2 protocol for iOS is also supported by ExpressVPN which our second-best choice in VPN protocols.

Express Vpn Server locations:

It is about what you get accesses on while paying for a VPN subscription to the VPN server company. These machines will connect you with web traffic that appears to develop. Generally, it is always good to disparate the distribution of the servers. This will ensure and you will find anywhere to travel. Due to this closeness they get better service and it also spoofs the locations.

ExpressVPN provides more than 160 servers located all over the 94 countries in the world. We prefer Express VPN at the top choices that give best server locations. It maintains the servers in different countries with restrictive internet policies. (Turkey, Vietnam, and Russia)

Express Vpn Physical VS Virtual Servers

Therefore, some the readers have concerns on the virtual servers, they are software denominate servers. That means 1 hardware can multitude of virtual servers. It also configures to locate the physical hardware, in which country it is present and located.

However, virtual servers are not always bad, but heading the data in some other country where you do not want makes it frightening.

Many of the VPNs providing companies spin up all the servers whether they are virtual or otherwise according to the demand. Likewise, collecting the numbers of servers, that is influenced by subscribers of the company that can give a boost. A larger number of server fleet that means it is likely to Uncrowded the server and gets the best potential performance.

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 serves as disposal and place it in the largest collection of servers. As compared to other VPNs, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, and TorGuard all contain 3,000 servers expect NordVPN is at the top by 5,200 servers.

Why Virtual Servers Also Important For VPN

Thus, ExpressVPN works transparently about their virtual servers. Importance of virtual servers for achieving best performance as well as improve the ability to secure security problems.

However, you do not need a VPN server consequently in some dangerous locations. It could be changed with some private information that is potentially revealing about their users. This VPN provider has servers in Russia, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Turkey, for instance, all the virtual and it is acceptable.

ExpressVPN and Your Privacy:

While using a VPN service you maybe are given custody and all the authorities to the web traffic. If the VPN stopped its significance or moralize, it could construct the personal data or information about you in a much easier and simpler way same as ISP does.

The VPN can also be controlled by the law enforcement of a particular country to have information about their customers.

Thus, it is very important to read the privacy policies and understand them thoroughly as mention in the VPN section. When it comes to ExpressVPN’s privacy policies, they are quite reasonable, as précis as it could be and so easy to figure out the points.

This VPN usually collects some information related to their business activities although it limits these gatherings. These activities does not include on Express VPN such as VPN traffic destinations, data of the contents, IP addresses or DNS queries. They works on the explanation that match the IP addresses of the users or maybe their other activities, this is what a VPN service provider should offer you.

Express Vpn Headquarters:

The Headquarter of ExpressVPN is located at British Island of Virgin which does not contain any type of data retention laws. The company will request the local court in case of any issues related to user information.

They will privilege only if the crime is investigated and punishable for at least more than a year in the jail of British Virgin Island.

It is also clearly mentioned in their policies that it generates only the revenue along with their sale of subscription and the company does not sell any data related to their use.

They collect the information which is transferred till the day when a successful connection is not built but does not collect public-facing IP addresses.

Therefore, this VPN provider significantly stressed out the information which is not analyzed by any specific individuals. Since, it can be identified with many other users too. It is proudly presented through the company to point the Turkish authorities that are captured in ExpressVPN servers. 

Investigators were busy in finding the server logs which can enable link activities to the user that determines the specific user or the connected time but they could not find such things.  

Express Vpn Review ;Third Party Audit Report

Some VPN organizations have started introducing and sharing their third-parties audits to ensure the transparency of the security in their services. ExpressVPN has also worked on collecting the audit data and penetration of tests regularly but they not yet commonly used in any public platforms.

Center for Democracy and Technology’s VPN questionnaire has a response to the positive contribution. This contribution has introduced in the large community of security with their open-source leak-testing tools.

Hands-on ExpressVPN:

Express VPN abandon special servers or upset any features, make a selection to offer a solid product and recommended. Almost everything that a person can expect is available. Example kill switch that protects the application forms connecting with internet while the VPN is not connected.

Split Tunneling

Express VPN also has a unique feature that is known as split tunneling. It designates the app’s data with VPN’s tunnels or maybe outside the tunnels but beyond encryption. It is usually used when an activity is blocked because of the poor networking performance.

Therefore, offers their DNS services, after all, it is clever attackers that monitors the requests of DNS for tracking the process of your web. VPN actively allows P2P file sharing option as well as BitTorrent on every server.

If your IP address, ISP or DNS requests are configuring incorrectly that means you are suffering from potential leaks. It is confirmed our IP addresses were securely hidden from our ISP obscured. While using the test of leak DNS, we conclude that Express VPN redirects every request to its perfect spot without escaping. 

Netflix and ExpressVPN:

Streaming media are so important for the user or consumer in these days. Streaming on Netflix is not that easy. Netflix sometimes used to block the VPN service and stop its accessibility. This is done due to some protection concerns like Streaming distribution agreements.

Similarly, we were, unfortunately, unable to connect or stream on Netflix while using this VPN service. Of course, it was disappointing but not surprising because as we discussed above, this happens most of the time. Therefore, Netflix and VPN’s are playing an ongoing arms race.

Beyond VPN:

Many VPN providers offer many features to get a nice completion with their competitors. For instance, NordVPN blocks all the advertisements add to the level of networks. Many other providers offer blocking URLs malicious or offer public static IP addresses but ExpressVPN does not have any of these extra features.

Express Vpn Performance and Speed:

A chronic concern that occurs with VPNs are using just 1, could slow down the internet connections. Using a VPN can also increase the inactivity the performance of speed while uploading or downloading but can be bearable.

During the process of our testing period, we tested with many tools such as Ookla speed tool which is owned by Ziff Davis, also owned PCMag. Further nitty-gritty and some other tools were also used to ensure the curiousness about the methodologies.

ExpressVPN on different platforms:

ExpressVPN provides an application for many different platforms and device such as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. We recommend using this VPN service because it helps you to access many additional features with no manual configuration and is simply easy to understand and use.

It is also supportable for the user of Linux along with its command-line tools. This VPN includes plug-ins that is available for browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. These plug-ins work as proxies, give access to change your locations on your browser traffics as well as no protocols are applied on encryption.

Further, it offers Kindle Fire app and Fire TV along with their instruction of services on PlayStation, Apple TV, and Xbox devices.

Tough Competition:

ExpressVPN has lot abandonment from geographic distributions to its use on virtual servers that seems smart but not at all sketchy. It boasts more than 3,000 servers that are very booming while covering all the basic features.

Split tunneling is one of the rare features that are also included in this VPN service. The down back of this VPN is holding value proposition with only 3 connections high monthly package. Although, it is very good service in all the VPN providers Editor Choice Winner needs an all-round VPN service that also fits the budget and has lower price ranges.

Therefore, NordVPN offers more facial characteristics in less amount, Private Internet Access also undermine this VPN by cutting half of its price. On the other hand, Tunnel bear offers unbeatable kindness, ProtonVPN offers fit in lower range with providing the best security.


According to the latest reviewing updates, performance vise Express VPN review 2021 is at the top listed in Best VPN 2021. It is successful in standing out from all other remaining VPN providers through providing best restores privacy. To further elaboration consider these points:

Highly secure Applications along with the best encryption which can pass all security and privacy tests as well as network lock features that ensure the security.

  • Excellent performance with high speed, reliable throughout the server network
  • Wide range of selecting apps which are perfectly designed, reliable, and secure and user- friendly too
  • Continues working while streaming Netflix with other services
  • Offshore jurisdiction or company policies are protected by user privacy and customer data
  • No log policy for any servers operating through RAM-disk mode
  • 24/7 customer care service available on live chat support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Very few VPN providers can be alike as ExpressVPN. This service is continuously improving and getting better over the passing timeE

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