How To Unblock VoIP ? Complete VPN Guide [2022]

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Facing problems while connecting with family, friend or even co-worker from any other country? Or Finding a VoIP service that can easily unblocked any services that you want?

Here, you will find all the answer related to easy accessibility of these VoIP Apps. Not only about WhatsApp calling or Skype but also about Viber and any other VoIP Apps.

However, it is true Viber, Skype, WhatsApp or other VoIP apps has many features as compare to old-fashioned telephone services. VoIP includes many features such as calling your friends and family anywhere in the world, without spending a single penny.

Unfortunately, many countries have blocked these services in their area. This happens due to many security reasons like online censorship, or to limit the growing interest rate on telecom service providers. Although, many people are found of using these VoIP apps, they even find an alternative way to connect.  

WhatsApp Calling, Viber, Skype and other VoIP Apps:

In our regular days we used to rely on many types of app or mobile service. In this way, we stay connected with our friend, family, loved ones and even coworkers. Luckily, our tech generation, and apps like Whats App, Skype, Viber, Tango, Facebook Messenger, and various other platforms has make it easier to communicated. Chatting, voice messages, sharing videos or pictures are much effortless these days.

Moreover, each and every app uses VoIP (Voice-over-IP) technology. Therefore, this technology is also called an internet telephony that allows users to access internet connection as a medium which make phone calls. However, it is not just superbly cost-effective but also allows the user to cover long distance calls without any charges.

Similarly, as you can notice, there are large numbers of VoIP calling apps along with their own unique features. Therefore, making a final decision of choosing the best VoIP service is little rough. But no worries, after reading you will find the best VoIP service for you.

Free & Unlimited Voice Calling

Whats App Calling

The initial focus of this service is on counseling towards mobile users, who like to send media, messages and want both video plus voice conversions. While keeping this in mind, Whats App only work for the person who is using this App.

Furthermore, it is has end-to-end encryption that give high service quite for security reputations. Therefore, through downloading this free WhatsApp, the user can ensure the person and himself while communicating in chatting. Thus, there will be no body in between this, not even WhatsApp.


Actively on desktop, Skype works with all the functions such as Mac, Symbian, Chrome, Windows, Linux, iOS and Blackberry. However, the endowment and establishment has enabled this app to be among the best VoIP in today’s market place.

Although, it happen due to Skype’s codec that encode calls and even allows HD voice. Therefore, Skype’s file sharing of various formats, screen sharing, conference video calling, collaboration tools, etc. has create this platform highly famous for businesses.

Furthermore, a small fee package can allow you to connect with other platforms rather than Skype. In addition, it also brings the existing contact number of your mobile phone that can be used with Skype account.


With Viber, you can have access on sending messages, voice calls, multimedia files, and video calls to other people, who are Viber users with HD quality connectivity. Although, this connection needs no alias or invitations, in fact it provides registration and integrates easily with existing contact list.

That is the reason, this platform offer same services as Skype. Fortunately, allows unique stickers, Viber games, public chat and Viber Out that help to connect with non-viber users but it is a paid feature.

The Real Global Censorship

Currently, we have desperate increase in the number of VoIP services that are blocked worldwide. Although, these services are popular from last few decades, they also have experienced quick restrictions. Besides, in the year 2013, more than 27 countries had banned VoIP services, as result 40% of the world’s population has being blocked due to this.

Therefore, European Union is now working to add WhatsApp calling as well as other VoIP services in the EU’s strict telecommunications privacy rules. However, it will allow, the EU to overhear all the personal conversations, even via encrypted platforms.

On the other hand, Brazil is also known as one of the restricted country on VoIP services. Similarly, Whats App was blocked many times in history of the Brazil. Recently, in July 19th it took placed, but luckily it was carry on only for some hours, same thing happen in early may but this time it was for 72 hours. Judge Marcel Mai Montalvao that is in the Sergipe state ordered the push back subsequently demanding WhatsApp converted over chat records due to some investigation of drugs smuggling.

End of the Story

As a matter of fact, these countries are becoming involved in these information transmits through this particular services. In despite of this, WhatsApp in UAE can get you fine of Dirham 45,000, jail or even can cause you displacement.

Thus, along with constant geo-restrict progression and censorship, this flight of internet freedom is far important than any other thing. Fortunately, here we found a solution that can help to provide access on deserves, A VPN. Now! By using these best free vpn for whatsapp calling in UAE, you can have accessibility on any service, from any location in this world.

How you can Unblock WhatsApp Calling or other VoIP Services?

Demanding on the location, WhatsApp Calling and other services such as Skype, FaceBook calls, Viber can be blocked in UAE. Thanks to some VPN services providers, how allows to overcome on all these geo-restricted and censorships, that makes you always connected with the world.

Furthermore, these VPN applications keep VoIP apps in working position with a nice flaw through SmartPhone, laptop, tablet accordingly to the location. They perform it by following these steps:

  • Start a free trial version of a VPN service provider, or go for paid plan which provides 14 d ays money-back guarantees.
  • Run the VPN, connect it with your device from a preferable VPN server locations (However, in US or other location WhatsApp is not blocked). Thus, it supports all devices such as Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • After download WhatsApp and message away! Add your friends, co-workers and even family in a group. Further, it allows you to send unlimited pictures, messages, audio messages and videos. Thus, it make easy to meet with your friends, where you even share your specific location to each other.

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