How To Use Vpn In China? Is It Legal In 2022…

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Living in China can raise many questions about VPN services like “Is it legal to use a VPN in China?”.  China use “Great Firewall of China” to censor all the internet content in their country, people do not have access to a different website from all over the world such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Gmail and many more.

Since that day the demand for VPN services providers increases to unblock this content in China.Here, we have some narratives that will help you to figure out what is good or bad, and this article will provide you an ultimate knowledge about black and white issues related to it.

How to Use VPN in China Without Breaking the Law – Assessing The Situation in 2020!

All the experts are agreed on this point that “Great Firewall of China” was created to inhibit regular internet users from streaming these censored websites. Although bypass this firewall is quite easy, the user only needs a good VPN service to a provider that can help in unblocking these content.

Therefore, the main objective of this law is to prevent people who use these applications instead of catching VPN users. Thus, people in China can use this VPN service but in a limited legal way that ensures to avoid all type of criminal activities or any dark websites will be able to harm them. However, some cases have heard about selling VPNs and they were sentenced for 9 months in jail.

Safest way of using VPNs in China

Can people use a VPN in China?

Although receiving some frightening messages from China, it is still not impossible to use a VPN service in this country. This can happen only if you follow the right path.

Using a VPN in the country of China is as similar as you are in grey-area. Several amounts of websites are blocked in this country, the only way of accessing those sites is through using internet connections. Thus, the Chinese Government is keeping tracking on almost every VPN service and its user.

This is under danger zone unless the user is using it for their personal use. But if they caught you in any risky situation like downloading a huge amount of videos regularly, contact suspected people, it can make them track your activities. Besides, this situation is not only applied in china but also full world.

What is illegal in China?

Summarizing, just keep in mind that fact, China has strong anti-prostitution and anti-pornography laws that should be reserved seriously. Thus, using a VPN does not make you free against the country’s law.

How can people use WhatsApp in China through VPN?

A few years back, setting a VPN connection was little burden task, but fortunately in these days in it so easy and quick. All you have to do is just install or download VPN software, create your account, and simply select the country that you want connects from. 

Similarly, if you live in China, want access to WhatsApp application then VPN can make it possible for you by choosing the same another country rather than China.


For instance, ExpressVPN, which top VPN provider, will provide you coverage via their application. You can click on the bottom green button “Check my IP”, then open “IP Address checker” that will help to you indicate the address, where your device is placed on the internet. 

Further, it allows you to choose country locations through a given map, you can also access some other tools like DNS leak test, and Web RTC leak Tests.


However, you can perform these tasks easily from establishing a VPN tunnel. Later on, just fire up your WhatsApp, you can use and communicate beyond the “Great Firewall of China”. Although, sending messages via WhatsApp has double protection through end-to-end encryption as well as 256-bit encryption. Thus, it meets all the requirement of another Top Secret communication status.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in China? The Answer is Surprising!

It is true, VPN is not legalizing in China, and various media platforms have confirmed that it is fake information. However, you may say that the Chinese Government has described categorically who can use VPN services and their purpose of using.

Thus, what is banned? It is other countries VPN services as well as some VPN implementation which are not satisfying their government regulations and policies.


In conclusion, the Government approved VPN solution is the only way to using VPN in China without any legal trouble. However, if it is approved, that means your activities are not hidden from them, it is due to the agreement of government oversight. In this way, it makes you stop to use any circumvent censorship that can break the law.

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