IPVanish VPN Review – 2022

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IPvanish Review


Awesome for torrenting and P2P traffic With Secure Limitless Connections

Number of servers: 1200+ | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: 40.000  | Maximum devices supported: 10

IPVanish review 2020 is set to be top 5 vpn providers which works with high-speed connections. All impressive list of features that provide advanced security in an affordable price budget. For collect the reviews of this VPN software we put it in some tests to judge their performance, speed, accessibility of usage, streaming services like Netflix and much more.

Thus, All the below features will help you to choose the best VPN service provider that suits your requirements.


IPVanish Review 2020 is recommended top 5 choices when we want to stream on Kodi. This Kodi app has the number of Live TV channels which work geo-restricted connections. These connections are connected to IPVanish to stay away from any geographical restrictions. 

  • Jurisdiction: IPVanish is based in the US. It is regarded top best Kodi VPNs because it is not involved in 14 eyes intelligence-sharing countries. Although it plays an active role as an active member in 5 eyes countries.
  • No logs policy: This VPN software claims that there are no log policies. But we are not sure on it if they hand over data to warrants and government subpoenas
  • Encryption: 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard ensures strong security.
  • Support Kodi devices: It is supportable for all Kodi devices such as Windows, macOS, Routers, Fire TV/Stick, and Smart TV.
  • Test Speed: It was tested on servers from long distance but the speed was spectacular. IPVanish work with more speed as compare to other VPN software mentioned in the list of best VPN for Kodi.
  • Kodi supported VPN for Kodi apps/ OpenVPN plug-in: It does not support Kodi add-on but it works under OpenVPN Manager Add-on which is specially designed for Kodi It is same as Ivacy or PureVPN 
  • Number of Servers: 1,300+ servers in more than 75 Countries of this world. It has the best server for Kodi that connects third world countries. 
  • IP leaks: It has qualified IP leak test which is performed by Kodi The method is simple: Goto >Kodi> click on setting icon>system information.

Does IPVanish stream on Netflix?

Great VPN truly marks its abilities and bypass all geo-restrictions as well as VPN blocks. IPVanish did unblock some but many US servers were still blocked for Netflix. We do connect with US Netflix but the connection was not consistent.

Test results were:

  • 0/2 servers were unblocked on Australia Netflix
  • 0/3 servers were unblocked on Canada Netflix
  • 0/1 servers were unblocked on France Netflix
  • 18/18 servers were unblocked on US FOX
  • 0/18 servers were unblocked on ABC.com
  • 1/1 server was unblocked on India Hotstar
  • 0/4 servers were unblocked on BBC iPlayer
  • 18/18 servers were unblocked on SlingTV

Overall we found little frustrate because IPVanish could not bypass many VPN blocks for streaming.

Does IPVanish work with good Speed?

Using a VPN connection, the speed of connection can drop at some moment, as your data needs stability to travel from remote servers.

However, this loss of speed is barely noticed, if the local network is congestion or ISP throttling, the speed may increase with the VPN. These speeds of connection are measured on 3 points “downloading”, “uploading” and “ping” speed. 

  • “Ping” indicates the quick response that you get from the website after sending any request or clicking on some links. It is measured in milliseconds (ms), the lower amount of ping will help the connection to response faster. 
  • “Downloading” indicates how quick you get any information from any other server into your device. It can also affect the time as well as the speed that depends on the file. It is measured in megabits per seconds (Mbps).
  • “Uploading” indicates how fast you can send any data to any other device or websites through your connection. It depends on how much time is required to upload files, transmit video via video chat, share photos. It is also measured in megabits per seconds (Mbps).

We test IPVanish for speed loss and the results were highly surprising. Our speed before using this VPN app was 12.39 Mbps on downloading, 0.79 Mbps on uploading and 23 ms on ping.

After connecting the VPN we found downloading was decreased by 7.12 Mbps. Uploading was also dropped a little bit by 0.71 Mbps. Although our latency suffers a little while using US server to its was in normal limits. We barely notice any extended time in browsing on the internet or while watching videos. 

Does IPVanish stream with Torrenting?

This VPN offers unlimited P2P connections that help you to torrent anonymously and safely. During our test on torrenting, we noticed a slight drop in download speed but were what noticed. 

Does IPVanish keep logs?

This VPN claims to keep your data away from hackers and stays save with strict no-log policy. In 2016 it was a case of data-logging scandal. IPVanish was working with a department of Homeland Security’s request that is used for information.

They were involved in child abuse as well as pornography investigation. This information works for that investigation. However, it was true they keep logs and that was proven.

While keeping in mind, IPVanish is based in the US, it is also involved in 5/9/14 eyes jurisdiction. That means they have rights to turn any data or record which they have to provide to the government.

This issue is no longer considered, as it was resolved in 2017 by Stack Path. He acquired this company of VPN and their new management provides 100% guarantee to not store any logs.

Does IPVanish have Ad blocked? 

This VPN does not offer any built-in Ad blocker. However, the user may connect to third parties for ad blockers while connected to this VPN.

Can IPVanish give free trial version?

IPVanish allows free 7-day trial for the new user to signs up with their iOS app and enjoys their services for 7 days.

Does IPVanish have a Refund Policy?

IPVanish VPN app does not offer 30 days or 45 days money-back guarantee. They have an option of 7 days money-back guarantee which is enough for making your mind and enjoying its features. Within these days of the trial, your money will be refunded.

Does IPVanish with all devices?

IPVanish VPN is compatible for many platforms as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Android TV and Amazon fire TC stick along with extensions of Phone, Linux and Chrome book. Its also allows you to have access to installing it with your router to have network-wide protection.

IPVanish connects 10 simultaneous devices on a single account, good for big families, small business or tech enthusiasts. It is best for standard a package that offers other premium VPN app that allows 3 to 6 devices on each account.

User experiences and features of IPVanish :

When it comes about user experience IPVanish provides best facilities even for the beginners. This VPN app is so easily used as well as the installation method is also quick to understand. However, they provide detailed setup guides that have information about every platform. You do not even have to configure any advanced setting, just some fine-tuning can be needed.

Initially, when the user starts using this app, he will be notified with an optional tutorial that can help to rope up. As this app is light weighted, it does not slow down your systems speed. Servers can be changed easily and provide anonymity and speed.

Further, you can select your closest location that can bypass all geo-block.

  • It has encryption and other Safeguard Features works with military-grade AES 256-bit encryptions that ensure the guarantee of highest level protection on your data. This protocol is unbreakable virtually, even if cybercriminals or government spies intercepted the traffic, anyone cannot read the data. They will see some random numbers and letters, which is it.
  • It provides DNS leak protection. Sometimes the DNS requests are routed to ISP’s DNS servers, this even happens while you are connected to the VPN. In this case, it can reveal your real location, as well as the IP addresses of the website and ISP, can easily track your online activities.

IPVanish DNS Leak Test

  • An automatic kill switch is a feature, where IP address cannot expose to anyone while the connection dropped down. This feature has maintained its place in standard of the industry and it is available on macOS and Windows.
  • This VPN offers native app such as Amazon Fire TV Stick. It helps you to protect the connection while unblocking geo-blocks contents that are from other regions. They also provide a detailed guide with set-up points.
  • They allow live chat support for the customers through the help section, email and 24/7 live chat service. The fast way to get your solution is live chatting. You will get you to answer in just a few minutes from the professional support agent, who answer you’re all question with a friendly and polite way. 
  • Someone already has tried many dozens of VPN providers can easily say that IPVanish is easy in usage and works with unusually fast speed. It allows you to install the VPN and open your new account just in a few minutes, which is less than 5 minutes. This app works with minimal configuration, few personal fine-tune is total as per user preference.
  • We found pleased that they offer visual installation guides and information for every platform individually.


  • It provides fast Speed
  • Work with a decent working app
  • Offers Zero logging traffic
  • It has Strong Encryption with AES 256-bit
  • Free download SOCKS5 Web Proxy
  • Torrenting is also allowed
  • 10 simultaneous devices can be connected at the same time
  • Tor compatible
  • No IP leaks
  • No malware found

Subscriptions Plans:

  • 1 Year Plan: $6.49 per month 
  • 3 Months Plan: $8.99 per month
  • 1 Month Plan: $10.00 per month

This VPN service offers 3 options for a subscription plan, they all have some features but with different duration such as 1 year, 3 months, and 1-month plan. We recommend to first enjoying month-to-month subscription which is flexible and provides great opportunities to check out their services without having any long term commitments.

 Although, the long period offers up to 46% of discounts, which can be availed by different payment methods such as PayPal, major credit cards, or anonymous options like Bitcoin.   


IPVanish provides mixed features, for example, it good for torrenting user but might be not good for streaming. Although it is easy in use as well as in installing, it does not have much weight which is good for the users who are using an old computer, cell phone or notebooks.

It also offers many flexible subscription plans along with certain discounts. The user can pay through PayPal account to get their registration done. Further, it supports 24/7 live chat service which has a professional team that helps you responsively and politely.

Auditioning into it, they provide dedicated servers apps for all platforms, sharing files and torrenting, automatic kill switch plus no-log policies. It has a massive number of the server that is available in 59+ different countries which do not keep logs. Moreover, you get many options for protocol choice too. 

Thus, IPVanish is easy to manage and provides amazing features in an affordable price range. They are reliable, solid VPN provider which is best for security-conscious browsing users. We were impressed with their speed during our tests performances

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