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Protect Your Privacy With Biggest Name In Vpn’s

Countries: 60 | Server: 5,300+ | Encryption: 256-bit double encryption | Price: $2.99 | TrustPilot Score: 4.7 | Multi-Logins: 6

Nordvpn Review 2021:

NordVPN review is popular among top VPNs providers review in 2021. They claim many serious services, so we tried some tests on this VPN provider gives the right recommendation to our readers. Because good marketing strategies do not always serve good services too. After performing these tests, we come to know the real facts about NordVPN services and rumors too.

NordVpn Headquarter

It is VPN software that is based in Panama and covers almost all the basic services. It controls a huge network of more than 5,100 servers which are separate in 61 countries with many special categories. These categories are torrenting, streaming and some extra securities.  

It considers protection as well with strong 256-bit encryption that has a combination of high secure protocols like IKEv2/IPSec and Open VPN protocols. All are covered with intuitive apps that feel good.

In this NordVPN review, we will look at some important features and details that help a VPN services provider to make or break their identity. Read this article till the end to find their reputation or this VPN is also one of the styles over substance.

Encryption Services

NordVPN provides the most powerful Encryption VPN services along with double encryption. Secure your online traffic routers through Kodi encryption. 


NordVPN is situated in Panama. It is also one of the top best Kodi VPNs because it is not involved in 14 eyes intelligence-sharing countries. 

No logs policy:

The feature of this VPN software that does not store any type of logging data is based on BVI, Neither usage logs nor connection log. It is mention on their site that they provide Warrant Canary which keeps the user aware from government subpoenas.


256-bit with double advanced Encryption Standard for ensures strong security. It also provides 1-2 extra layers of protection on encrypting internet traffic.

Support Kodi devices:

It is supportable for all Kodi devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Andriod TV, Linux, Blackberry, and Raspberry Pi, etc.

Speed Test:

It was tested on German server from long distance but the speed was average. These examples will elaborate further. 

  • Speed on long-distance internet with was NordVPN 5 Mbps.
  • Speed on long-distance internet without was NordVPN 26 Mbps.
Kodi supported VPN for Kodi VPN addon:

It does not support Kodi add-on but it works under Open VPN protocols addon which is specially designed for Kodi app, under Open VPN protocols protocols. 

Number of Servers: 

5,627 servers in more than 60 Countries of this world. 

IP leak:

It has successfully qualified IP leak test which is performed by Kodi app. The method is simple: Goto >Kodi> click on setting icon>system information.

Rumors About NordVPN Are True?

NordVPN was currently surrounded by some rumors. People, who have subscribed this VPN with PayPal might notice and understand it.

This VPN is owned by, a Panamanian company, which used to sell merchant listed as CloudVPN instead of Tefincom and co S.A. CloudVPN also shows developers on Android app in Google Play Store and it is registered in US Company.

Here, the question arises Why do NordVPN is using the name of an American company that is involved in PayPal transactions only for Android user? Does the whole process give it impact on user privacy somehow?

Once, we try to get these crucial answers from their customer care service. They replied “CloudVPN is only used for collecting NordVPN payments but it not affiliated with our services at any other way. Thanks”. Later on, we learned that direct payments to Panama are sometimes flagged suspicious. This same applies to their apps and they need approvals on Google Play Store.

NordVPN Stream with Netflix?

Many VPN providers are unable to have access to popular streaming service because of Netflix proxy errors. NordVPN is not among those VPN providers In fact, it bypasses all restriction that is detected during streaming. 

According to the results of our tests, it can stream with Netflix flawlessly in Brazil, Japan, US, Uk, France, and Canada. This is one of the biggest benefits among all other VPN services.

The SmartPlay DNS features have proved that this is the best choice to stream. SmartPlay helps to integrate into their servers and get past geographical restrictions. After that it springs actions automatically, no advanced setting is required after connection the server.

Can NordVPN Support Streaming?

They provide some extra guides that help out the user to stream their favorite content with a smooth hassle-free path. The user can have instructions or suggestions related to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video ad BBC in FAQ section.

It works so effortlessly, even for the beginners, no need of any assistance because the app will stand behind its user along with full readily support.

NordVPN Work With Good Speed?

Before connecting server to this VPN service, we tested the speed and it shows 72.59 Mbps downloads, 34.15 Mbps uploads, and 2ms ping.

After using Quick connect-feature of this PN, we got 69.88 Mbps downloads, 32.25 Mbps uploads, and 3ms ping. The decrease of 5.56% in uploads 3.73% in downloads were barely noticeable. It was great results, too close to the original speed.

Afterward, we tested this VPN on fastest US server that shows 17.89 Mbps download 4.69 Mbps uploads and 192 ms ping. This time it got a big drop, decreased 75.35% downloads, and 86.27% uploads respectively.

After repeating another test on US server the results were more impressive as compared to the previous one. Downloads 49.60 Mbps, uploads 19.80 Mbps and ping were 119 ms.

Overall! We noticed that NordVPN offers quite a reliable service with stable and fast servers. Finding a suitable location is also easy for this VPN.

NordVPN Review Stream With Torrenting?

It works with dedicated P2P servers. It is accessible in the app, easily from the side tab. Further, they have 4,600+ servers in 46 different countries that are especially used for torrenting. Getting a quick connection of P2P server is straight and easily connects from VPN interface, In fact, a server recommendation tool can also perform well which you can find from their website. 

Some more good features for torrenting fans, it provides SOCKS5 proxies. The user can set up and enjoy torrenting on fast speed. On the other hand, SOCKS5 proxy provides security through additional authentications which also consider best privacy and security on torrenting.

Here, overall NordVPN supports P2P as well as many smooth features along with safe torrenting. This combines with high speed that’s the reason behind it is among the favorite VPN for the torrent user.

Is NordVPN Safe?

This VPN provider has beaten all other VPN software, its reputation is a solid choice for both streaming and torrenting. Their claim about privacy and security is impressively true.

NordVPN Keep Logs?

NordVPN is registered in the country that names, Panama. This country has many advantages and it has no connection with 14 eyes surveillance because Panama is far from it. The most important thing is privacy, as the base of VPN companies are in 14 eyes country, many spy networks gather as well as share all type of data. But fortunately, this does not happen with NordVPN. 

Moreover, Panama does not go under any invasive data retention laws. Usually, this legislation wants VPN providers to collect logs, some personal information about their user, other online activities. This VPN provider does not have sure complied that increase their credibility with zero-logging policy.

In Conclusion, your date will be safe and not collected from your bandwidth connection usage.

Does NordVPN Have Ad Blocked?

This VPN provider also claims to protect malware and provide adblocking with their CyberSec suite. This feature is built-in and the car is enabled by a single click. Here, the question arises does it works?

Exactly, we did not get single annoying pop-up ad duration 2 continuous hours of the test period.

We were also able to skip the whole ad on Youtube and enjoyed the fully ad-free video. CyberSec works great but only NordVPN has this extensive feature. 

Similarly, double VPN also protects your data with 2 VPN servers but at the same time. Many of the users do not use it while Netflix session or torrenting, they will appreciate this extra layered option of protection. Besides, the kill switch also stops internet traffic to collect your data when the connection is accidentally dropped down.

NordVpn Review for Security Features:

  • LAN invisibility setting that hides the device from local networks
  • Onion over VPN server protects Tor
  • Easy switching between protocols like Open VPN protocols TCP and UDP
  • DNS leak protection for advanced user
  • Auto-connect that is accessible on 1 click protection
  • Dedicated IP servers for static

Does NordVPN Gives Free Trial version?

This VPN app does not give any trail-based version but provides 30 days money-back guarantee, in this period the user can make his decision after using their services. Whether they want to continue using their service and If not they can get their money back within the first 30 days. 

Free trial versions, usually offer obvious advantages that cost nothing but trading money for different currency in the long term can be harder. Their poor performance, privacy, and limited bandwidth, in the end, you will end up giving more than you get. 

We recommend NordVPN review money-back version which you can get a whole month. It has a secure infrastructure that provides outstanding services and the most important part is accessibility on every feature. This is a big benefit that competes with other VPNs that you can stop using at any moment of your realization. Easily get refund your money, it like you got an experience of using a VPN without losing any penny. 

Does NordVPN Have A Refund Policy?

After activating a subscription account on this VPN app, the user can get their money back within the first 30 days of subscription. They offered this full satisfied money-back guarantee with no troubleshooting attempt.

Moreover, the user can refund his amount after the cancellation of their subscription. While keeping in mind, that this guarantee is not extendable. If the user wants to extend this period, they have to contact their respective stores or refund services. 

Does NordVPN with All Devices?

Nordvpn claim that they support all the devices and they are not kidding. If the user is running any of the major browsers or working on platforms from their device, they will come to know that truth behind this claim. NordVPN has an excellent app that provides accessibility on Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, Linux, and iOS.

Further, its browser works extensions for Firefox and Chrome but remember they are proxies, not fully-fledged VPNs. Advanced user can have accessibility on manual configuration options that are used for Blackberry and Windows XP devices to many router firmware, ad Sense. Even Raspberry Pi. 6 connections simultaneously can be connected to just single account that is enough for the whole family, small business and device freaks.   

NordVpn User’s Experiences And Features:

  • NordVPN has stopped supporting PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP. Honestly, Open VPN protocols and IKEv2/IPSec are enough and work flawlessly.
  • They also provide high-end services, user guides for macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Amazon Fire, game console, Kodi media centers, and many other devices too. Troubleshooting guides and detailed FAQ pages are also available. 
  • Ticket system through knowledge-based information like billing, general pointers, and connectivity.
  • The website contains an organized and well-polished feature that is used with perfection. Here, on the website, you can find features, pricing, servers, server recommendation tool, extensive knowledge about the base and much more.
  • After the subscription is done they will offer you to download software for testing windows.
  • Advanced setting option is for the old user that enables special obfuscated servers. It allows switching between Open VPN protocols TCP and UDP as well as setting custom DNS address.
  • Mini-app is a system tray that allows connecting easily while showing recent used servers. This feature is not so useful but even does not go bad. 

Overall the VPN app is great software for using whether you are a new user or not, it does not matter. 


  • Give high super-fast servers
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Work on 5,627 servers in the world
  • Live chat support service
  • Accessible on Mac, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows and iOS
  • Zero logging policy as it is based in Panama
  • IP leak and DNS protection are available
  • Encryption with 256-bit AES
  • 6 simultaneous devices can be connected at the same time
  • Open VPN protocols, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec protocols are supported

Subscriptions Plans:

  • 3 Years: $2.75 per month with 79%discount rates (pay only $99 on every 3 years)
  • 2 Years: $3.69 per month with 71%discount rate (pay only $88.56 on every 2 years)
  • 1 Year: $6.99 per month
  • 6 Months: $9.00 per month
  • 1 Month: $11.95 per month

Nordvpn Review 2021 Conclusion:

We recommend NordVPN, It’s among top-rated VPN for several reasons. It provides superb encryption with the right protocols, a legitimate zero-logs policy which is confirmed from an external audit. Further, it is a perfect choice for streaming Netflix without having any restrictions, supports torrenting while delivering great speeds.

All of the above, NordVPN the ultimate multi-purpose service that you will need as a well-rounded VPN, it is hard to find a better value in this price range.

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