Privacy And Cookie Policy

by Web Desk

Your privacy has an important exceptional role to us. Kindly consider these privacy policies before proceeding..

1. Introduction

We select and collect some certain personal data from every individual user with this website. These privacy policies involve our procedures and policies commanding the processing and combination of your personal data as a consequence with the website.


For the concern of these privacy policies, the nomenclature of “personal data” associates to an information that are related to natural persons, who can be identify directly or indirectly with processing this information. The nomenclature of “processing” associates to the storage, collections, use, and erasure or disclosure personal data.

Data Controller:

The subsistence that is responsible for processing and collecting your personal data is our company, using certain principal place.

Term and termination:

These privacy policies are the entrance of effective data indicates the peak of privacy policy and also remain valid till we terminate or upgrade it.

2. Your authorization

You have acknowledged these privacy policies, agreed on every point, responsible for all the consequence once you visit this website. You are now agreed and allowed us to collect your personal data for some specific legitimate and explicit reasons which are already described in this page. Before start using the website, please thoroughly read every point, start using the website only if you are totally agreed on each point. In case, you do not agreed on 1 or more then 1 point then we recommend you to stop using the website.

We investigate all your explicit consent to boost, if we needs:

• We use the data for inexplicitly purposes that are indicated in this privacy policy.

• Our company provides marketing communication to the user.

• We allow third parties that are not mentioned here, to have access on some of your personal data.

• The organization is authorize to make any amendment I this policy.

3. Personal data that are possessed by the company

We observe the data with minimize rules to collect the minimum amount of data which is essential for the insurance of the use of this website:

• While the user visits the websites, we collect its IP address.

• For contacting us, the user visits the contact page of our website, where we collect following data:

o Your name

o Your email address

o Website is Optional

o Some other information that the user provide us in their message

• While the user comment on our blogs, news, articles, or any instructions featured in the website or even if they create their profiles on the website, we collect:

o Your name or nickname

o Your email address

o Website is Optional

o Some other information that the user provide us in their message

4. Use of personal data

We respect your data protection that is the reason, we only collect a small of it for some specific explicit or legitimate purposes. These data are used by the website only for:

• Questions and answers, responding on your appeal and all services which are requested by you

• Verification the contact details

• To ensure the functions of website

• Customizing the content of the website that are based on your location

• Sending important information about the website

• Audit and some security reasons

The legal settlements of the collected personal data are pursued through our legitimate business interests. The data will not be used for any purpose that has contrasting with this privacy policy except we obtain any express consent.

5. Non-Personal data that are possessed by the company

When a sure visit a website, some of their non-personal data is also collected such as their operating systems, browser types, and URL addresses which clicked from or to the website. These information are collected to prepare a survey that evaluate and analyze these non-personal data to maintain a report of what type of user visits which website, how they reach to it, how much do they spend on it, from which website they come to this site, which page is mostly watched, or which website they go after using it.

6. Protection of your data

The company will not send any type of direct marketing communication such as brochures, newsletters, advertisements, contact on phone or any other manner. In any case, you receive this explicit consent of marketing communication, you can come out from this by:

• Clicking on unsubscribe link that are in marketing emails

• Contacting directly to us

7. Marketing Communication

We engage technical and organizational security measures that are limited in accessibility of your personal data collected by staff secured networks, encryption, pseudonmization or protection of data. However, always make sure the inherent risks while streaming on internet, the company is not responsible for any destruction, leakage, loss or falsification of the data generated from circumstances that are out of our control. But still we will ensure to protection that can be done in reasonable efforts in order to maintain misuse and prevent security, loss unauthorized accessibilities and adjustments in your personal data. We highly recommend you to choose the best security network while using or communizing with our website.

8. Third parties connections to personal data

In some scenarios, we open your personal data to third parties. This exposure is less, based on the situations when to use your data and for what purpose.

• Provision of service that you have requested for

• In pursuance of, legitimate interests of business

• Law enforcement

• If you contribute prior to explicit consent

For instance, third parties providers that give services and other technical support on our behalf have access on that personal data: such as

• Newsletters

• Hosting

• Data storage provider

• Logistic Information providers

• Advertising partner

• Comment interface providers

• Notification providers

• Other parties that assist and operates our website

• Conducting business

Third parties are allowed to have access on the data, as they have partnership with us. This happens, only if they agreed on this protection adequate level of that particular data that is dependable on this privacy policy.

According to this privacy policy, the company will not share your personal data with any third parties if they are not bounded to do so.

9. Transferring the personal data to EEA

Keep in mind, few third parties gives the privacy policy which are not of jurisdiction that is reside, if a person’s resident in EEA then their personal data can transfer outside. In this case, it is important to ensure the proper protection and watch the transfer process of your personal data. Here, we will help you to ensure to jurisdiction of recipient third parties locations that are at adequate level of protecting the data. We also includes such protection agreements with third parties that works for respective protection.

10. Your claim on your personal data

We also preformed following exercises that works on the regarding rights of your data which has all your personal information’s:

• You may demand modification, accessibility, moving or deleting the data to us. On the other hand, we demand you some of you details according to the demand of identifying you and your system.

• You may also demand object that restrict your personal data to process for instance disable the marketing communication.

• If your explicit consent is provided to us, you have access and all the rights to withdraw that consent at any moment.

• If launch a complaint on any of the way that handles your personal data, feel free to contact us. After we receive the complaint, we will make sure and send you back a confirmation message that confirms that we have registered your complaint. Then we investigate the complaint, analyze and provide reasonable response in time frame of maximum 2 weeks, not more than that. However, if you are a permanent resident at EU and not completely satisfied by the result of your complaint, you have all rights reside the complaint along with local data protection authorities.

For exercising all the above rights that are listed, please contact on our website details which are indicated in our “Contact Us” section. Here we will answer your question within the time frame of less than 2 weeks.

11. Retention period

All the personal data will be kept private, only the data which is extremely necessary for any purpose will be collected from your personal data. When the use or purpose of that data is completed, we will immediately delete all that data because it is required by the law to retain these types of data as soon as the work done.

12. Children privacy policy

According to our website, the terms and conditions which are available on the website have clearly mentioned that persons, who are under the age of 13, are not allowed to use or access this website. However, anyone can not categorize the age of user, who is accessing the website. Therefore, if a person has given wrong information regarding his age or other details without having the permission of their parents or guardians, their parents and guardian may contact us for making a request to destroy these incorrect personal data. As our contact details are given in the section of “Contact Us”.

13. Third parties links

This website also contains certain links that are linked to other social media service provider or social media platforms. However, the company is not responsible for such type of privacy practices that are controlled by third parties website because our privacy policies are not applied on them. For more clearance, please read thoroughly the third parties section in our website before providing your personal data to them.

14. Cookies

This website has cookies with it. After you use this website, you are agreed to use this cookies as it is already mentioned in the privacy policies section. But if a person is not agreed to use these cookies, he can refuse it. Down below, you will come to know some more details about cookies such as what cookies are used for? What is the purpose of it? And how can you refuse these cookies?

What are Cookies?

Both persistent and session cookies are used in our website. For instance, (“gads”, “ga”) will verify your personal data until you are operating the page to page on this website. On the other side, the session cookies will allow you to enable the bypass whenever you enter the details while entering the new page on this particular website. And persistent cookies are used in order to recognize the user as a unique the user visits the website again such as (“gid”. “cfduid”). All the cookies are not used for any other purpose or those purposes that are not mentioned in these privacy policies.

How can you refuse these cookies?

If you are not agred or do not allowed us to use these cookies, you simply need 2 points which are: (i) stop using the website or (ii) set the browse to refuse all the cookies. This can also be done by checking the browser’s information or simply visit our website for more information regarding to refuse the cookies. But be aware that some page or some part of the website may not work properly after the refusing all the cookies.

15. Amendment in these policies

This website reserve’s all the rights to enhance the privacy policies at anytime with posting an amended version on our website. The user can continued suing the website after the amended version is posted and will acknowledge the amendment, consent to abide and all will be bound to these new amended privacy policies. For any significant amendments in the privacy policies we seek explicit consent from you in the amendments.

16. Contact details

As the result, if you have any concerns or queries about the privacy policies or wants to know more about any of our features or services please feel free to contact us on our website, where we are available 24 hours and 7 days a week for your help.