Surfshark VPN Review – 2022

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Surfshark Review


Affordable VPN service With Good Speed, privacy and unblocking

Countries: 50+ | Server: 800+ | Encryption: AES-256-GCM | Price: $1.99 | TrustPilot Score: 8.7 | Multi-Logins: Unlimited

Surfshark Vpn (review 2020) is continuously growing VPN which is increasing its popularity is a few recent years. It has more than 800 servers that are in more than 50 different countries of this world. Surfshark is capable to advertise itself as the greatest VPN provides the same as many others provide used to do. But does it works on the expectations of the users? Today in this article we are going to do a Surfshark VPN Review 2020.

These Review results are prepared after putting Surfshark VPN through some tough tests that have found many strength as well as its weaknesses.

We come to know that this VPN provider is among the most solid multipurpose VPN which works against many vendors. It performs so well on streaming, torrenting, speed, privacy and also security, overall it was best VPN provided with few weaknesses. Although, one of the positive aspects of it is you can easily connect many unlimited simultaneous devices with connecting a single subscription.

Surfshark Vpn Review 2021:

SurfShark is like pocket-friendly VPN software or apps which can easily use Kodi too. Standard industry encryption used to provide no doubts for the people if one is cutting the security cost price. But the interesting fact about it is this VPN account an account with unlimited devices.


SurfShark is situated in British Virgin Island. It is regarded top best Kodi VPNs because it is not involved in 14 eyes intelligence-sharing countries. 

No logs policy:

The reason behind, the feature of this VPN software that does not store any type of logging data is based on BVI, Neither usage logs nor connection log.


 AES-256-GCM Encryption Standard for ensures and secure cipher along with strong security.

Support Kodi devices:

 It is supportable for all Kodi devices such as Windows, macOS, Fire TV/Stick, and Smart TV.

Surfshark Vpn Speed Test:

 It was tested on German server from long distance but the speed was spectacular.

SurfShark work with more speed as compare to other VPN software mentioned in the list of best VPN for Kodi.

Kodi supported VPN for Kodi apps/ OpenVPN plug-in:

 It does not support Kodi add-on but it works under OpenVPN which is specially designed for Kodi app.

Number of Servers:

800+ servers in more than 50 Countries of this world.

IP leaks:

It has qualified IP leak test which is performed by Kodi app. The method is simple: Goto >Kodi> click on setting icon>system information.

Does Surfshark Vpn work during streaming on Netflix?

Good news for all those peoples who are looking for a streaming solution. Surfshark proved a wonderful VPN that gives access to geo-restricted Netflix’s contents. We did seven tests continuously, each time we tested with different servers. Three US servers were also included which provides reliable access on Netflix’s content. 

Content of BBCiPlayer and Amazon video was also accessible. But only one result was not so satisfying, that was Hulu. We tried many times on the US serves but it was unable to stream content on Hulu. Thus, except this one drawback, we found Surfshark good selection of VPN for streaming.

Does Surfshark Vpn work with excellent speeds?

Reliable and fast speed of any VPN service increases its credibility. A slow VPN can give bad impact while torrenting, streaming and even browsing on the internet.

Before we were connected to Surfshark’s network, initially it started downloading from 71.65 Mbps speed and uploading were 5.97 Mbps. After comparing this with enabled Surfshark’s servers, starting with the Quick Connect feature test. This test is supposed to find the server automatically as well as choose the fastest server. Once we got connected to US servers, we got impressed by the result that shows the downloading speed at 68.49 Mbps while uploading at 8.91 Mbps.

In the same way, many other US servers were also tested and scored the same results. These results are ideal for online gaming, HD streaming, torrenting with excellent speeds. Taking an average downloading speed on UK server, it performed with 19.30 Mbps downloading speed 8.59 Mbps for uploading.

UK servers are slightly slower as compare to US servers but have good quality which required for streaming and high-traffic activity. Generally, the server gets to slow down when the physical location is far from connections, so it is normal. 

Moreover, downloading speed with a German server the speed was 30 Mbps, on the other hand, Hong Kong got 39.59 downloading and 2.52 uploading speed. Addition into it, it also has network reliability, no dropping speed or connection failures along with great speed during the tests.

Does Surfshark Vpn support Torrent?

Surfshark is best ideal VPN that can share P2P files as well as torrent. P2P file-sharing can be performed with any server because majority server networks are designed to optimize torrent This VPN also claims best torrenting results with excellent speed for US, UK and Netherlands servers.

Further, it is compatible with torrenting software like uTorrent and BitTorrent along with streaming players such as VLC, Ace Player and Popcorn Time. Surfshark does all this with an excellent job of protecting the user identity and also keep their P2P activities hidden from ISP.   

Is Surfshark Vpn is safe for security?

Surfshark also covers all the security, it works with no DNS detected during the test. The reallocation and IP address of the US server was also not detected. Further, it has all the features such as DNS leak protection, secure encryption, and automatic Kill Switch for all native apps.

They also goes beyond such basic features and provide some advanced security features too. It includes Multi-Hop, it is a version with double VPN that gives protection to the traffic through an extra layer of double encrypted servers and reach the final destination.

CleanWeb features also give protections from malware, tracking and phishing attempts. This VPN offers Camouflage Mode which specialized obfuscated servers that can also bypass internet blocks and network firewalls.

Moreover, it is a good choice for those countries, which do not have access to restricted internet while stopping the ISP from monitoring your activities. This Camouflage Mode work on OpenVPN protocols for Android, Windows and iOS devices.

One of the best advantage and impressive thing in Surfshark is its commitments towards security and privacy. It provides voluntarily which renowned Cure53, a cybersecurity firm that conducts reviews of independent security for their browser extensions. 

The legitimacy of every VPN provider’s security claims are doubtful. But after conducting this independent audit, we come to know the fact that Surfshark is seriously providing services as well as its responsibility towards their users.

We have Cure53 professionals for our collection these reviews, that is why we are 100% confident on their performance and unbiased analyzing. Therefore, all the result of this audit is purely positive and overwhelming. We found only 2 issues that were also not directly related to or caused by browser extensions.

Does Surfshark Vpn Keep Logs?

Surfshark’s headquarter is based in the British Virgin Islands which is privacy-friendly, out of the jurisdiction of 5/9/14 eyes Alliance. For knowing about its logging policy, we do not have to go far away to collect this information. Because of its transparency and provides summaries of logging policies when the user initially opens the app.

The privacy policy has truly confirmed that this VPN provider does not involve in activities like collecting information or data. Therefore, it just storage this information:

  • The email address of your account is used for customer service purposes only.
  • Your encrypted password
  • And some basic information about billing

If someone is looking forward to total anonymity, then he cannot provide his personal billing information through paying with some crypto currency  such as Bitcoin. One of the drawbacks of this VPN is in the logging policy that collects some unique advertising identifiers from third parties to use them in marketing purposes or user analytics. As it is not a major concern since the user can reset the advertising identifier and this data collection can operate anytime from app settings.

As it is mention earlier, Surfshark has a friendly privacy policy with full transparency.

  • Browsing History
  • Bandwidth used
  • IP addresses
  • Session information
  • Connection timestamps
  • Network traffic

Additionally, Surfshark is also trustworthiness that can easily find warrant canary. This is a good way for businesses that legally inform the users about the private information of secret government requests. Thus, it is completely up to the mark and available on websites.

Surfshark Vpn contain Ad Blockers?

Surfshark offers some ad blockers, as this is one of its features VPN services. The CleanWeb features blocks malware, trackers and ads. Although, it protects privacy and also save network data plus improves loading times. After testing surf shark on as-filled websites, CleanWeb feature stopped and block all the ads that were previously encountered.

Surfshark Vpn offer Free-Version?

Surfshark does not offer any free version or trial versions. But still, you can have access to their services while using a generous refund policy.

Does Surfshark Vpn have Refund Policies?

Surfshark has money-back guarantee for 30 days with in the subscription. This offer can refund your full payment money within 15 days of purchasing the subscription plan after you submit a support ticket. Afterward, you can still receive your partial or full refund payment only if you have any issues that are unsolvable with their support team.

Does Surfshark Vpn work compatibly with your device?

Surfshark is compatible with all the highly consumable devices and their dedicate apps work on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. This VPN software also provides browser extensions that work on Chrome as well as Firefox. Further, on their website, you can easily find Linux, Play Station, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox manual installations guides.

However, there some difference in Surfshark app and devices. For instance, Android and Windows application give an option in their settings to select VPN protocol but macOS and the iOS application does not have this type of option. It also has CleanWeb feature which is not available in many mobile devices.

In this way, Surfshark does a good job while keeping their features consistent on their platforms as compare to other provides. Thus, all the VPN has an automatic kill switch, Multi Hop, and No Borders mode. One of the most outstanding features of this app is, it can have access to unlimited simultaneous devices on just 1 subscription.

Pricing and Value of Money:

Surfshark has 3 subscription plans which have almost the same premium features but with different length in their duration. Thus, 12 and 24 months plans are consists of significant discounts that make it useful for long term purposes as well as save your money. 

Hence, the one-month subscription can be little pricier but still, the cost is reasonable as this VPN offers many features that others do not have.


Surfshark works with AES-256-bit encryption to keep safe while surfing on the internet. It works and supports protocol such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. Mostly, sticking to OpenVPN connections provides the best security. 

IKEv2 protocol can be used on iOS and macOS apps as a default setting but OpenVPN is available in manual configuration and it is more preferable. Further, Windows and Android apps also allow you to select TCP or UDP OpenVPN connections. 

Customer Service Support:

We are fully satisfied with their customer service supports. They provide 24/7 live chat support and their team is very friendly, informative plus responsive. When the user submits a query, the chat box will automatically give provide you the position of your queue.

After waiting for a few minutes you will, the available representative will join you for giving the solution to your problem related to their VPN. Their team provides the best support same as it is mention in their advertisements, this adds a huge plus point to this VPN. 

Surfshark Vpn User’s Experience:

Surfshark is specially designed for a minimal user interface that is easy to use. The apps are a breeze that navigates as well as aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, on the left-hand side, they provide a list of server locations with their search bars that help the user to find what the need.

At the bottom of the page, you will Quick connect button, which will automatically connect to the optimal server that is based on your locations. The intuitive platform of this VPN software makes the sue experience smooth and understandable even for beginners.

Although, when the app is started on a new device, it also gives you a guideline during login and installation process. For instance, the app work on the process that gives permissions such as it has an individual interface for Multi Hop feature, a version of double VPN, which is quite user-friendly. 

Further, the setting menus are as simple and straightforward as 123. Even a beginner can enjoy using it without having any trouble because of its advanced features.

Their mobile apps are also so attractive easy to use. Therefore, this VPN has created a positive impact on their user’s experiences with its well-designed features. Both the interface is clear whether it is for the new user using basic functions or experienced users using further advanced settings. Well, it is very rare to find a VPN app without any flaws but Surfshark has proven and impressed us with their phenomenal performance.

Surfshark Review 2021 Conclusion: 

Is Surfshark is recommendable? Yes, off course it is among the best VPN software.

It has to offer impressive services that are specially designed for new providers. It will be your final choice if you are searching for a reliable, fast and secure VPN connection for torrenting, streaming or protecting the privacy.

We found it pleased because they are improving their incompatibilities each time we review their services. Thus, it can be huge great news for that provider, who allows unlimited simultaneous devices connections.

This VPN is worth considering if the user is looking for a long-term VPN service provider within budget deals for longer subscriptions.

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