Terms And Conditions

by Web Desk

The Terms and Conditions of this website are legally approved and it is an agreement that works between the user and the company.Using this website determines that you agree on every term that is mention in the website. According to these terms and conditions, you are legally bounded to follow these instructions. In case, if you may not agree on any one or more than one terms, we recommend you to stop using this website. You are recognized to the website only if you agree alike following terms and conditions.

1. Provided Services

Client through this appoints the company to work as an agent for feedback or reviews managing services. Credential information that is given related to the company services is only for the satisfaction of the client. It should not be published in public and may *not use for any other purposes-

2. Payment Methods

All the services that are provided by the company are based on reoccurring payment methods on the date of on boarding. All the payments are due on the first date of the mentioned payment periods.e.

3. Warranties

Using Review Reporting or Feedback Requested sites or services and their data, information, documentation or content are at your risks. You have acknowledged that all the services, techniques, technologies which are used to monitor, collect and shared in customer feedback or are used is the third parties reviewing may change from every and any other businesses. You have acknowledged, your responsibility towards soliciting reviews from the client or the customers. You also have acknowledged the responsibility to check the impact of all the activities related to collecting reviews or using them whether they are positive or negative. You may acknowledge your responsibility that allows disclosures to the customer or client, third party or even a business partner regarding any activity that is associated with feedbacks or reviews sharing or collection.Also, Policies may change at any time, which has some certain penalties with or maybe without prior notice. Changes that are made in review site algorithms, content and policies are never provided enough time that company could some adjustments in capturing, monitoring and publication service to prevent the company from any permanent or temporary reduction in services.

4. Limits on liabilities

Except for the duration of prohibited over the law, on account shall be review fire, their directors, representatives,officers, employees, successors or even assign anyone who is involved in any type of production, creation or the delivery of the services or its content. Be accountable for any injury that could be personally directly or indirectly,special, consequential, and exemplary or punitive damages that also includes limitation without profits and loss of any data or property. Any proceeding according to the agreement, reliance, transfer of any property, information,service or any kind of data that is provided or accessible beneath this agreement, even the review fire or any of their representatives has advised for such injury or damages possibility.

5. Honesty

All the services that we provide are for our clients to ensure and enable solicit feedback to them, in this way we get effective honest reviews from many other clients. Any person or individual that is according to company honestly suspects in using its services and sites for any particular purpose or giving false information to use the service or site,their accounts will be terminated and their paid fee will be left out or no refund will be given back to them.

6. Indemnity

You acknowledge agreeing to pay and even hold any powerless company their employees, officers, representatives,successors, directors and other assigns opposing any claim, demands, actions, liabilities, damages, settlements that do not include limitation, arising to the violation, or attorneys cost and fee of the given agreement.

7. Modification

We have all the rights to change these terms and conditions of this agreement outwardly preceding to any notice to you. The responsibility is yours to review the terms and conditions every time you use its services. You continued the usage of the services that are created by the agreement than current conditions may apply.

8. Third parties sites, Transaction, and Contents

This site may have links from third party sites, materials or contents generated from other websites. The usage of third-party content, links and sites are entirely at your risk. We are not answerable to any third party sites, links or content and this agreement are not applies once you left the site.

9. Confidentiality

While staying in this agreement that is in course of third parties, these parties can receive or exposed at certain confidential and possession of information which is related to their business strategies or any other technologies. All these restrictions are not applied to every information that is documented:

i. Possession is taken or authorized by the party.
ii. Publicly known with any unapproved act of the collecting party.
iii. Legitimately collected by any third party without any conditions on using or not using that is legally allowed to the third party to betray such information.
iv. Developed independently from the third party beyond revealing the confidential information of them.
v. Before endorsing in a written form it can be revealed from the third party.
vi. Exposing required by any governmental agency, laws, court order, rule under the government, according to
the needs of the party the information can be disclosed bestow to the requirements are allowed.

10. Restrictions

You are agreed on these points:
i. Reconstruct, sell, rent, encumber, sub-lease, lease, sub-license, any other transfer service, right of using the service to third parties without our concerns.
ii. Obscure or remover the copyrights, proprietary rights trademarks, symbols, legends, or labels.
iii. Modifying, altering, disassembling the codes that are created with secondary work services which include translations, localization, customization, reverse engineer or acquire the code for the service. iv. Promote services with connection to any service bureau that provides other processing services to third parties.
v. Allowing any other person on your behalf under this agreement and give access to use our service with LAN,internet, and WAN or any other computer networks.
vi. Using our services for any unlawful contemplates.

11. Refunds or Cancelations

Canceling can be done at any time, at the same time the billing will also stop. Any unused subscription is not refundable..

12. Copyright

This site and services, their software, databases and other compilations of informative data are copied to associated trademarks such as United States Copyright law, trade secret, trademark, international treaty and other laws for protection. Copy, reproduce, publicly distribute, transmit or display the Site is betray without our concerns on such information.

13. Termination

a) We reserve all the rights of suspending or terminating the availability of the site for register users but not having a prepaid subscription.
b) Users that are prepaid subscribers can be suspended immediately from the accessibility of the sites or services. The provender of copyright section, warranty disclaimer, ownership, limits of liabilities, general,and indemnity shall exist the completion of agreements.

14. General

All the above terms and condition as per this agreement are habituating for all the benefits related to the parties and their successors or assigns. All the rights are assigned under the acquiescence of the company. All the sections heading that are provided in this agreement is for cooperation only and shall have no effects in the clarification of meaning by their provisions.